FIFA World Cup Today Matches

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Turkey Determined To Advance In World Cup

Turkey Determined To Advance In World Cup


Match date: 06 September 2014 (local time)

Venue:  Kayseri


Between Turkey (Crescent Star) and Andorra, world cup odds will most likely pick the former as favorites. The Crescent Stars may be fighting for sheer life. Yet, they remain as top contenders to book a flight to Brazil.


Team form


Out of its 6 qualifying matches, Turkey won twice, drew once and lost thrice. The results may not be that impressive. Yet, it is promising.


Abdullah Avci and his squad is just 3 points short to tie with Romania and a single win spells a difference. Should they win,  they will not only equalize will Romania. Depending on the number of goals that they can score, they can even outlast the above-mentioned team and get the upper-hand by virtue of aggregate scoring.



Technically, Andorra’s World Cup bid is already over. The team never won in all of its 6 qualifying matches. Not even a single win can salvage the group from being thrown out of the tournament.  Hungary lambasted them with 5 goals and Romania thrashed them with 4.


Why Turkey will win

Winning over Andorra is rather expected from Turkey. Apart from its better performance, the squad has already beaten the squad before.


In their last encounter, the Crescent Stars kept a clean sheet and scored twice.


Clinching a victory is never a problem for Turkey. But what is more important is the opportunity for the squad to brush up their aggregate scoring. This means ensuring better conversion and scoring more goals.  They already have the blue print to topple the said squad. Winning shold never be too much of a hassle for the team.



Omer Toprak tackles for the ball


Photo Credit: Zimbio


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