Germany Lifts World Cup Trophy, Thanks To Gotze’s Late Goal

Mario Gotze’s late goal ended Germany’s 8-year World Cup drought and therefore,...

Empty-handed Brazil Exits World Cup

Brazil hoped for redemption after its humiliating loss to Germany at Belo Horizonte....

FIFA 2014 World Cup Rundown: A Semis Drowned In Tears, Shocks And Triumph

The recently concluded semi-finals is one of the most memorable episodes in the history...

2014 World Cup Final Countdown: Argentina Breaks The 24-Year Curse

After a 24-year wait, Argentina is back into the limelight. It was never a bed of...

2014 World Cup Team Highlight: Team Argentina

Argentina’s successful entry into the semis proved that they are more than hype—that...

2014 World Cup Aftermath: Shattered Belgian Dreams

The competition’s dark horse, Belgium has finally encountered its demise. Going...

2014 World Cup Aftermath: Underdog Costa Rica Bids World Cup Goodbye

Costa Rica, the underdog that rocked every world cup match it participated, left...

2014 World Cup Aftermath: Curtains Fall On USA

Despite USA’s disappointing exit, its roster of current players, if honed and developed,...

2014 World Cup Team Highlight: Team Belgium

Belgium has successfully lived up to the dark horse image that has been coined to...

2014 World Cup Team Highlight: Team Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s 4-year wait paid off as the squad made a grand World Cup comeback....

2014 World Cup Team Highlight: Team Netherlands

Once again, Netherlands proved that they are a strong contender in the 2014 World...

2014 World Cup Aftermath: Russia’s Epic Exit

After failing to qualify in the 2010 World Cup, Russia made a grand comeback. Sadly,...

2014 World Cup Aftermath: The Fall Of The Taeguk Warriors

Next to Japan, South Korea is one of the squads from Asia that is expected to feature...

2014 World Cup Aftermath: Algeria’s Graceful Exit Inspires

Algeria may be initially tagged as the competition’s weakest link. But their performance...

2014 World Cup Aftermath: Ecuador’s Near Miss

Ecuador had a good chance of advancing into the Round of 16 had it not for Switzerland’s...

2014 World Cup Aftermath: England’s Humiliating Exit

Just when England thought that their 2010 World Cup exit was embarrassing, their...

World Cup 2014 Fixtures

Mon 2nd July

  • Brazil 2 0 Mexico FT
  • Belgium 3 2 Japan FT

Tue 3rd July

  • Sweden 1 0 Switzerland FT
  • Colombia 1 1 England AET
    England win 4-3 on penalties.

Fri 6th July

  • Uruguay 0 2 France FT
  • Brazil 1 2 Belgium FT

Sat 7th July

  • Sweden 0 2 England FT
  • Russia 2 2 Croatia AET
    Croatia win 4-3 on penalties.

Tue 10th July

  • France 1 0 Belgium FT

Wed 11th July

  • Croatia 2 1 England AET

Sat 14th July

  • Belgium 2 0 England FT

Sun 15th July

  • France 4 2 Croatia FT