Beach Soccer World Cup Finals: Russians laud national team’s triumph

  The Russian players successfully defended their title with a 5-1 rout of Spain...

Brazil Snatches 3rd Spot From Brave Tahiti

A grueling down the wire match between beach soccer giant, Brazil and brave Tahiti...

Beach Soccer World Cup Preview: Spain vs. Brazil (Semi-Finals)

The finals of the 2013 FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup will soon come to an end, with...

Match Preview: Russia vs. Tahiti – Beach Soccer Semis

Match Date: 27 September 2013 (local time) Venue: Papeete   Defending champions,...

FIFA Online Betting Tips (Beach Soccer World Cup): Quarterfinals

Match Preview: Russia vs. Iran   Entering into the quarterfinals, Russia proved...

Match Predictions: Beach Soccer World Cup Quarter-finals

Argentina vs. Tahiti   This year’s host are proving that they are also a force...

Netherlands vs. Solomon Islands

World Cup betting favorites, Solomon Islands looks forward to reaching the tournament’s...

Tahiti vs. United Arab Emirates

Matches for the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup 2013 are certain to fire up the Tahua...

Spain vs. USA

  Visitors to Tahiti will witness first-hand the potential pitch ‘sandstorm’...

Russia vs. Japan

  As sweltering as the heat of the Pacific sun, the FIFA Beach Soccer World...

Brazil vs. Iran

Despite the controversies that it goes through, Brazil’s confidence to secure the...

Paraguay vs. Ivory Coast

The group stage of the seventh FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup is fast approaching, with...

Senegal vs. Ukraine

Online betting odds favor Senegal in the awaited Beach Soccer Tournament. Senegal,...

World Cup 2014 Fixtures

Thu 14th June

  • Russia 16:00 in play Saudi Arabia

Fri 15th June

  • Egypt 13:00 in play Uruguay
  • Morocco 16:00 in play Iran
  • Portugal 19:00 in play Spain

Sat 16th June

  • France 11:00 in play Australia
  • Argentina 14:00 in play Iceland
  • Peru 17:00 in play Denmark
  • Croatia 20:00 in play Nigeria

Sun 17th June

  • Costa Rica 13:00 in play Serbia
  • Germany 16:00 in play Mexico
  • Brazil 19:00 in play Switzerland

Mon 18th June

  • Sweden 13:00 in play Korea Rep
  • + 2 more