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World Cup Qualifications (UEFA Group C) preview: Germany vs. Austria

World Cup Qualifications (UEFA Group C) preview: Germany vs. Austria


Politically speaking, Germany and Austria have developed strong ties and affinity, with language and ethnic similarities serving as the major exponents of the relationship. Insert football and put aside any political character, the relationship becomes fierce and competitive.


World Cup betting on either side is one of the most utilized ways to measure the fan bases of both Germany and Austria. The winning odds for both teams have so far been quite difficult to determine as they both display excellent drills in the pitch whenever they engage in a football duel. This World Cup Qualifications tournament for UEFA Group C, the same fierce competition should be expected. The match will be held on September 7 and Germany will play home with the venue at the Allianz-Arena.


Present standings place Germany at the top of the table (16 points). Austria, trailing just behind, are only five points short (11 points) of toppling the current leaders. The last match that they battled out together was held nearly one year ago, where Germany made an away win 2-1. With the winners now serving as the home side, will Germany make an easier knockdown of their opponents than it did last year? Or will Austria do themselves justice and reciprocate the results?

The German players have so far been very agile in their most recent tourneys, creating wins four times in a row. These include victories over Ecuador 4-2, France 2-1, and Kazakhstan in both away and home arrangements (4-1, 3-0). Austria, meanwhile, despite the powerhouse that they are, suffered defeats in their last two matches (against Wales 1-2 and Ivory Coast 0-3). But prior to these, the side were able to secure a very impressive win over Faroe Islands, which was tallied at 6-0.


The Austrian team are remarkable in that they are able to maximize their talents in the best ways possible. But Germany are undeniably a heavy wall to bring down. By all means, the latter will still burry the best ball.


Germany | Image source: Yahoo! News

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