FIFA World Cup Today Matches

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World Cup Qualification Results: UEFA Group C

World Cup Qualification Results: UEFA Group C


It is no surprise that Germany would end up as the leaders in Group C, and more so upon earning more than 25 points at the conclusion of the group stage. With nine victories overlaying their streak, and just one draw detouring from the track, the squad have easily secured an elite ticket to the 2014 FIFA World Cup finals in Brazil. The three-time world champions are targeting a fourth victory in the tournament, having been thirsting for the success for more than two decades now. With Joachim Löw at the helm and Philipp Lahm captaining his pack, there is high possibility that the Germans will once again rule the world football stage over.


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After ranking fifth among the ‘best second placers’ from the different clusters, Group C’s runners up acquired berth to the qualifications’ Second Round. Obtaining 14 points and acquiring the 22nd spot of the FIFA World Ranking, Sweden were given the second chance to secure a place in next year’s event. If the side successfully overthrow their rivals on aggregate scoring, they will automatically advance to the Brazil finals.


Austria and Ireland

The mid-table occupants’ journey to the finals has concluded. Despite earning double-digit final scores in the 10-match group stage, Austria and Ireland can no longer secure a seeding to the highly anticipated world competition. Nevertheless, the troupes will remain strong and persistent. With new experience at hand, they will be more equipped to face future editions of the World Cup qualifications.


Kazakhstan and Faroe Islands

After ten group stage matches, both Kazakhstan and Faroe Islands have only managed to seize five points or less. Most of their battles finished in embarrassing defeats, accentuated by at least 21 goals conceded. With no clear hope for a fixture even just in the Second Round, the sides have been as the apparent underdogs in their cluster early on.



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