FIFA World Cup Today Matches

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World Cup Qualification Results: UEFA Group B

World Cup Qualification Results: UEFA Group B


After leading their group (UEFA qualifying rounds) via a massive 22-point final score, Italy have successfully secured seeding in the 2014 FIFA World Cup finals in Brazil. The qualification journey for the squad was definitely not an easy one, but nevertheless worthy of all their hardships considering the kind of international opportunity this would give to the Italian people in general. The side won in six matches out of 10 joists, with the rest of the fixtures finishing in draws. This makes Italy the only team in the group to remain undefeated throughout the process. But the true challenge now is on how they could wrap up keen tactics to make good impression in the world stage. Surely, the team boast of highly talented players, but other clubs in the world are also brewing equally excellent players. Regardless, they are headed to a magnificent stint in the global football war.


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Denmark nearly obtained berth in the UEFA World Cup qualifications’ second round, if only they have performed better during the group stage of the UEFA qualifications. The side ranked lowest of all the ‘best runners up,’ which automatically pushed their untimely elimination in the tournament. This marks the Danish national team’s first failure to compete in the finals since 2006, where they only ranked third in the qualification’s Group stage.


Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Armenia, and Malta

Czech Republic almost made it as runners up in the group, but they were two points short to overtake eventual second placers, Denmark. Hence, their campaign to join the World Cup brood has been ended. Bulgaria also joined this pack, after only securing 13 points and being defeated three times in 10 matches. The bottom two occupants, Armenia and Malta, already had no chance of qualifying for the finals even before the match schedules were drawn to a close. Both sides were assaulted at least five times in the qualifications and received negative-digit goal differences by the conclusion of the battles.


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