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World Cup Qualification Previews: UEFA Group B

World Cup Qualification Previews: UEFA Group B

The qualifying rounds for the 2014 FIFA World Cup are boiling like molten iron, with some of Europe’s national teams now raging with immense eagerness to catapult the coveted Brazil entry. For the Group B players, nothing can be more pressure-inducing than the will to dominate the entire cluster. Current standings place Italy atop the table, followed by Bulgaria, Denmark, Czech Republic, Armenia, and Malta. The following are match previews for the teams’ tourneys on October 11.

Armenia vs. Bulgaria

The last time Armenia and Bulgaria had a clash was already more than a year ago, when audiences of the Stadion Vasil Levski saw their very own team (Bulgaria) win the battle 1-0. This time around, Armenia will play at home and will try to exhaust all their resources to prevent their visitors from scoring.

Bulgaria’s current score of 13 points might seem daunting to Armenia’s passable nine points. The away side currently houses the UEFA group’s second best scoring player, Stanislav Manolev, who have already netted three goals in the competition. However, Armenia do not rush through the pitch without an arsenal of weapons to flaunt. Two of the cluster’s top four players are under the squad’s wing: Henrikh Mkhitaryan (third best scorer) and Yura Movsisyan (fourth best scorer).

The home side’s past five qualification matches yielded them three defeats and two victories. By aggregate scoring, Armenia have to bow a little lower to the Czechs 2-4 but should stand tall above the Danish players 4-1. Bulgaria, meanwhile, have so far been generally agile this year, winning on two occasions, drawing with their opponents in one tourney, and having been defeated only once.

Football betting tip: Bulgaria might be seated at the current table’s second best spot but as per FIFA rankings for the European national teams, they are placed five spots lower than Armenia’s status at number 29. With both sides having prolific players under their belt and a fighting spirit that barely wanes, this match will conclude in a deadlock.

Malta vs. Czech Republic

Geographically, the Czech Republic is so much bigger than the Maltese territory. Ironically, scoring points in UEFA World Cup qualification also indicates the same capacity for both sides. The Czech squad have already amassed nine points in eight matches while Malta have only been able to obtain three points out of the same number of tourneys.

The sides’ last meeting was heavily won by Czech Republic, with the final tally recording three goals against one. The earlier portions of the match was rather exciting, with Maltese Roderick Briffa able to equalize Czech Gebre Selassie’s opening score. However, past the 52nd minute, the Czech side began crushing their opponents in impressive maneuvers. Tomas Pekhart netted his side’s second goal and by the 67th minute, Jan Rezek scored the team’s third (and the match’s last) inning.

Of the eight matches they had in the qualifying rounds, Malta have only won once—in a surprising fight against Armenia 1-0. The rest of their tourneys were depressing defeats. In contrast, Czech Republic’s past eight qualification matches were only tainted by three defeats; all the rest were either wins or draws.

Football betting tip: Malta have a strong opponent to bring down. While they may try to expand their limits and go on unconventional stunts, the Maltese side would still inevitably submit to their Czech adversary.

Denmark vs. Italy

About a year ago, Italy and Denmark launched their first match for the 2014 World Cup qualification. Italy, the home side, won the tourney by a two-goal lead on a 3-1 final score. With their second meeting now slated to be held in a few weeks, will the Danish side be able to avenge themselves in their own home or will the Italian warriors remain undefeated?

Eight qualification matches have been delivered and Italy remain atop the charts, with zero defeats to be proud of and six victories to be thankful for. They may have started their campaign a little loose after drawing with Bulgaria 2-2, but the side have since been very aggressive that they’ve won every battle they had but one (a 0-0 draw with Czech Republic).

While equally a strong pack of players, Denmark have been defeated twice: one from a tourney against Armenia and the other, of course, in their last match against Italy. The rest of their battles yielded equal number of draws and victories (three for each category).

Football betting tip: Although this match will prove to be a thriller, Italy would still make the better innings at the match’s conclusion.

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