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World Cup Qualification Preview: Colombia vs. Ecuador

World Cup Qualification Preview: Colombia vs. Ecuador

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The matchday 15 of the FIFA World Cup 2014 qualification (CONMEBOL) will commence with a tourney between Colombia and Ecuador. To be held on the 6th of September at the Estadio Metropolitano Roberto Meléndez, the event will be officiated by Héber Lopes.


Colombia will play the home, and Ecuador as away. In the burgeoning trend for a South American qualification, home players often win. In fact, of all the past qualifications for CONMEBOL, more than 30 wins have been underscored by home players, and barely a dozen were achieved by visitors. Altitude, temperature differences, long distances, and tiring travel time are all factors that contribute to such situations. Will this put home Colombia on a better wing than Ecuador? Or will the latter be one of the tiny number of victors that play as away?


Ecuador and Colombia’s latest match was already more than a year ago, where La Tri waged triumph over Los Cafeteros 1-0. Surely, many things have already changed since and the strategies these sides are arming with them have definitely evolved. It would be pretty irrational to succumb to conclusions as early as now, but predicting who will emerge victorious between the two could still be possible.


Taken their individual matches (most recent) into account, Colombia has obtained the better picture than did Ecuador. The team’s win over Peru 2-0 was a solid addition to the team’s overall score, which is just three points (23) short of the current frontrunners, Argentina (26). Ecuador, meanwhile, is placed third (21 pts.) in the table—bagging a draw with Argentina 1-1 two months ago and a defeat by Peru 1-0 in an earlier tourney.


Colombia players have the home advantage and certainly possess the better statistics. From these indicators alone, it would just be reasonable to predict that the José Pekerman-led side will win the match.


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