FIFA World Cup Today Matches

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World Cup Match Preview: Netherlands vs. Mexico

World Cup Match Preview: Netherlands vs. Mexico

Match Date: 29 June 2014 (local time)

Venue: Fortaleza


Netherlands looks forward to another strong performance as they seek redemption from their heartbreaking loss in the 2010 World Cup finale. But Netherlands is not alone in their redeeming act. Mexico, which made a historic comeback during the qualifiers slowly regained its confidence. With a new dose of self-esteem, Mexico is also keen on creating surprises in the competition.


The clashing squads



The Oranjes readily displayed a strong performance during the Group Stage. They were initially thought to take the runner-up spot. But much to the surprise of many, Netherlands thrashed Spain to unexpected and unprecedented heights—they left the defending champions with little hope of making to the next round. After Spain, the squad clinched two (2) more victories and advanced with a clean and perfect record.
In their upcoming match, expect the tandem of Robin van Persie and Arjen Robben to shine once again. The presence of these two produced immeasurable strength in the pitch that can easily intimidate Mexico.



Just like Netherlands, Mexico’s performance was a certified stunner.


Prior to the start of the competition, Brazil and Croatia were the heavy favorites in the group. But after winning over Cameroon and forcing the host to settle for a draw, Mexico’s possibility of advancing became more evident.


Rafael Marquez was a certified head turner. The team captain lived up to expectations and delivered crucial goals. Chicharito also made his presence felt and could use the opportunity to bring more weight to his footballing career. Likewise, Guillermo Ochoa’s spectacular saves will be the key to stopping Netherlands aggressive attacks.



It should be a give-away for Netherlands. The top pick of world cup betting tips should have an easy route to the next round. Yet, they cannot rest on their laurels. For so many times, the Mexican squad has shown that they can defy the odds and with the highly encouraging antics of their head honcho, Miguel “Piojo” Herrera, expect a raging and motivated Mexico to enter the pitch.



Image Source: NDTV Sports


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