FIFA World Cup Today Matches

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World Cup Match Preview: Italy vs. Costa Rica (Group D)

World Cup Match Preview: Italy vs. Costa Rica (Group D)

Match Date: 20 June 2014 (local time)

Venue: Recife


Italy’s dominating performance against England serves as a premonition of the level of success that they can achieve in this tournament. After a dismal finish last 2010, the 4-time champion looks forward to securing another major title.


Meanwhile, Costa Rica looks forward to another stunning display. The inspiring win against Uruguay could be the squad’s driving force in clinching another major victory.


What happened?



Italy’s winning recipe can be attributed to its total control of the ball’s possession. The squad may have fallen short to England in terms of the number of shots taken, but keeping the ball to their side gave them a better conversion rate.


Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s case was the opposite of Italy. The squad did not dominate the possession, but they took more shots than Uruguay. This also explains why a penalty is the only goal that La Celeste had during the said match.



World cup bets in favor of Italy may deliver profitable results as the Azzurris are the match’s heavy favorite.


Mario Balotelli continues to defy expectations and will readily feature in their upcoming match. Ciro Immobile, who was Serie A’s top scorer may also contribute into the squad’s scorecards.


As for Costa Rica, it might bank on John Campbell’s explosive stride. But just like England, the Los Ticos must learn how to stop Andrea Pirlo. Costa Rica may be the match’s underdog, but there is a possibility for them to pull off a draw.


Image Source: Telegraph

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