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World Cup Inter-confederation play-offs: Mexico vs. New Zealand

World Cup Inter-confederation play-offs: Mexico vs. New Zealand

Match Date: 13 November 2013

Match Venue: Estadio Azteca



The CONCACAF fourth round—part of the 2014 FIFA World Cup qualification—saw Mexico win twice, obtain draw five times, and lose thrice. The confusing streak made it complicated for the Mexicans to easily qualify for the finals. As a result, they only managed to reach the continental table’s fourth place (out of seven). They seized only 11 points from 10 matches, but the score was sufficient to give them a pass to the inter-confederation play-offs for a chance to obtain a seeding in the finals.

Now slated to face New Zealand in the first leg, Mexico will play as home. Team boss Miguel Herrera should not mess this opportunity up, especially that this stage would prove crucial for the team’s re-entry in the World Cup. Mexico have always (consecutively speaking) been part of the tournament since 1994 and it would be a complete shame if they don’t make it this time around.


New Zealand

Apparently, New Zealand dominated the OFC Third Round, which game them the ticket to compete with the fourth-placed team from the CONCACAF Fourth Round (that is, Mexico). The Oceania squad won all their continental fixtures, defeating fellow superpowers New Caledonia, Tahiti, and Solomon Islands. The side earned a total of 18 points from all those tourneys, which were played in a double round-robin arrangement.

New Zealand have qualified for the FIFA World Cup twice: first in 1982 and the second one in 2010. On both occasions, however, the players were not able to get past the group stage. In the tournament’s upcoming edition, coach Ricki Herbert is hoping that his team would be able to set a new national milestone. But before he could dream about that, he and his lads should first defeat their opponents in the inter-confederation play-offs.


World Cup betting tip: This would be the last stage for both regions’ qualification itinerary for the World Cup finals, which means that winning this round can mean so much to the international career of the players. For the first leg of this match, Mexico could display a much more impressive showmanship than their rivals. They are also more skilled at creating chances, as well as more adept at finding the goal. In other words, they will emerge as winners in this meeting.


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