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Winning Attitude: Luis Fernando Suárez and Honduras’ Recipe For Success

Winning Attitude: Luis Fernando Suárez and Honduras’ Recipe For Success

For Luis Fernando Suárez, instilling a “winning attitude” proved to be the Honduran recipe for success as he helped the squad clinched its second World Cup appearance since 1982.


Suárez is no stranger in the highly anticipated competition. Prior to accepting the Honduran job , he once led Ecuador in the 2006 World Cup matches. The Ecuadorian squad has managed to make it to the 2nd round of the said tournament and despite the early exit, their success is readily treasured and honored by their supporters. Although he was soon forced to leave the team due to a lackluster performance in the 2010 World Cup, his experience made it easy for him to adapt a plausible system for the Honduran side.


Ecuador and Honduras can be fairly described as not one of the regulars in the said event and so this is why, Suárez emphasizes on the need to develop a “winning attitude.” He is aware that before they can achieve anything on the pitch, they must first learn how to believe in themselves. But believing alone will not suffice. Suárez does not solely rely on rhetorical and motivational speeches to boost his team’s confidence. He knows that a winning attitude is nothing if the players are not physically and strategically fit.


A keen follower of Francisco Maturana’s tactical discipline, Suárez took the risk of considering the entry of highly skilled, yet, inexperienced players during the qualifiers. Their World Cup journey was further highlighted when they outshone the crowd favorite, Mexico.
Despite the success, there is no assurance on how far the current squad can fare in the upcoming event. But one thing is for sure—that aside from the winning attitude, the squad will also present a fiercer and braver face during the competition. To do this, Suárez and his boys shall engage in a friendly against Turkey, Israel and United States.


But Suárez’s penchant for tactical discipline does not end in participating in the above-mentioned friendlies. Honduras’ head honcho paid an early visit to Brazil to check on Porto Feliz.  His intention goes beyond evaluating the amenities of the place. Rather, it is more of the attempt on how he can help his team familiarize with the said terrain and make their stay more fruitful and clearly, exerting such effort clearly presents Suárez’s “winning attitude.”


Image Source: Radio American

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