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WC Qualifications Preview: USA and Costa Rica racing for top position

WC Qualifications Preview: USA and Costa Rica racing for top position

US vs Costa


It is pretty much obvious that CONCACAF’s football powerhouse USA is already heading toward the World Cup finals, having scored the best goals so far and landing atop the table in World Cup Qualifications. But Costa Rica is igniting a new traction, and their current 2-point deficit against the US may soon ebb away. For The Hex round on September 6, these two football giants will again face each other and put up a new tourney. The match will be held at the Estadio Nacional de Costa Rica in front of dozens of thousands of spectators.


USA and Costa Rica are currently in the first and second positions in the CONCACAF World Cup qualifications table, respectively, with a very small margin separating the two. Their last WC qualifications match was on March 22, with the US eventually sealing the win 1-0 via the 16 minutes goal by Clint Dempsey. The US also won over their opponents 1-0 last July 16 for the CONCACAF World Cup. This, however, is not to tell that Los Ticos are incapable of toppling Team USA’s top position, especially that the Central American side have been improving a lot since the last installment of the 2010 World Cup qualifications.


With both teams’ current fixtures, it is not necessary to hover around World Cup betting tips to determine which side will emerge as winners. Sure, the US really are strong contenders but what supporters should focus more on is identifying factors that might change the course of the competition and the recent trends than can provide hints on which particular facets will give the North and Central American region the savvy to produce next year’s Brazil World Cup winners.


Costa Rica may have lost two matches to Honduras and the US in the previous CONCACAF Gold Cup tourneys, but their three successive wins (against Cuba 3-0, and Belize 1-0, and Panama 2-0 in the WC qualifications) are silver linings that amplify their chance to front run—if not dominate—the tournament. The US, meanwhile, has remained to be the football monsters that they are, winning all their latest matches in the CONCACAF Gold Cup.


The US would still be reasonably seen as the winners in this upcoming match, but Costa Rica’s ballooning skills in the pitch will make the battle a pleasing spectacle.


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