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WC Qualifications (CONMEBOL) Preview: Uruguay vs. Colombia

WC Qualifications (CONMEBOL) Preview: Uruguay vs. Colombia

Colombia 3


Historically, Uruguay have always been the dominant force over Colombia, with most of their past matches favoring the former. However, their most recent match turned the events upside down when Colombia thrashed their opponents in an overwhelming 4-0 lead. Does this indicate Ecuador’s decline and consequently, Colombia’s race to the top? Or was it just a one-time, big-time shot that can wear off any time soon?


Matchday 16 (September 10) of the FIFA World Cup 2014 Qualifications (CONMEBOL) will see Uruguay and Colombia battle out again for the win in an attempt to pacify speculations that the latter are just one-day millionaires and the former being a deteriorating ensemble. The match will be played at the Estadio Centenario in Montevideo with Paraguayan Antonio Arias to serve as referee.


Present standings place Colombia at the second spot (out of nine teams) while Uruguay are in the mid-table. The former has so far accumulated a total of 23 points—3 points short of the overall score of current leaders, Argentina. Uruguay have 16 points under their belt, seven points behind their opponents but still a hefty number when compared to the 8 points of current table bottom occupants, Paraguay.


As per FIFA rankings, Colombia are placed atop the South American cluster or third in the world; while Uruguay are in the third spot within their region. Colombia have qualified for the World Cup several times, although they have been absent in the finals since 2002. Uruguay is similarly a strong contender in the World Cup, with their success amplified by the fact that the nation has a relatively small population of just around three million inhabitants.


Apparently, Colombia have tremendously improved over the years and their vigor from the 1990s are progressively returning. Needless to say, their win over Uruguay the last time was certainly not by chance. And while this does not also mean that the last-mentioned side are waning, hard-working Colombians have the upper hand to win this match.


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