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WC Qualifications (CAF Group H) Preview: Benin vs. Rwanda

WC Qualifications (CAF Group H) Preview: Benin vs. Rwanda



Amid the back-to-back gravities for the World Cup trophy in South America and Europe, the African division of the tournament is making its own playground for top-rank football matches. The CAF is prepping its best foot forward to send the most competent African players to Brazil next year. And the way to start that is via the World Cup Qualifications. In Group H, for example, Benin and Rwanda are riffling stunts to qualify for the popular event. Algeria might be leading the pack by a mile, but the two aforesaid sides still have the shot to gain bounty on their platter.


Benin and Rwanda will mark their second meeting for the qualifying rounds on September 8 at the Stade Charles de Gaulle in Porto-Novo. This should serve as an opportunity for home Benin to win over their opponents after drawing with them 1-1 in their last encounter. The match will kick off at 23:00 and is expected to be attended by more or less 15,000 spectators.


For their qualifying rounds performances, Benin have never been able to go back from where they started: a win over Mali that saw Rozak Omotoyossi emerge as the only goal scorer of the match. Subsequent matches have been mediocre to terrible, posting draws in two occasions and suffering defeats for a couple more.


Rwanda’s form in the tournament is even worse than Benin’s. Of the five junctures they forced into the competition, the side have never been able to secure not even a single win. They have brought a few draws to their basket—which is not entirely bad—but they were more “successful” at trapping themselves in a breakdown.


Benin’s hope for silverware may be granted in this match against Rwanda—the squad apparently seen as inferior. While it is still a long shot to overtake the current frontrunners (Algeria) in terms of World Cup odds, the team have a reasonable purpose to seize a few more points to add in their streak.


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