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WC Qualifications (CAF Group B) Preview: Sierra Leone vs. Equatorial Guinea

WC Qualifications (CAF Group B) Preview: Sierra Leone vs. Equatorial Guinea

National Stadium


It is another duel for the current bottom two teams in the FIFA World Cup 2014 qualifying rounds for CAF Group B. Sierra Leone and Equatorial Guinea will meet for the first time since their June 2012 fixture to compete for a possible place in the Brazil tournament next year. The table is currently led by Tunisia and then followed by Cape Verde. But the earlier mentioned sides still have the chance to deliver impressive goals and ascend in the rankings. The match will be held on September 7 (local) at the National Stadium in Freetown.


The previous qualifying World Cup matches for Equatorial Guinea did not go smooth as they should have been. Previous opponents Cape Verde were awarded default wins of 3-0 (both home and away) after Equatorial Guinea allegedly fielded the ineligible player Emilio Nsue. This further hampered the side’s hope for a Brazil finals spot, as they have also been battered by comparatively unimpressive drills in other qualifying matches. The only win they have acquired so far was the match they fired against Madagascar 2-0 nearly two years ago. Top club players Ivan Zarandona and Javier Balboa, along with their colleagues, need to find a new wheelhouse in order for them to rise above their current situation.


Sierra Leone are ahead of their opponents by three points as of the most recent tally. They are, however, five points short to nail the second spot. The side opened their FIFA qualification matches with a riveting win over Cape Verde 2-1. This, however, was followed by a streak of draws and defeats with a victory no longer reappearing in the record. The squad, on the bright side, are packed with promising players who have the raw potential to make it big in the tournaments. Midfielders Rodney Strasser and Mohamed Kamara are keeping the team glued to their core values, while Julius Wobay is driving optimistic hope for his colleagues. There are also a few promising attackers who may be able to replace icon and soon-to-say-goodbye Mohammed Kallon.


This upcoming fixture between Sierra Leone and Equatorial Guinea will be a tight one. Their records are nearly identical and player capacities are just slightly uneven. Sierra Leone will make this round theirs, though. But rest assured that Equatorial Guinea will give a good fight.


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