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Vidal Fit To Participate In World Cup

Vidal Fit To Participate In World Cup

Arturo Vidal ignites Chile’s hopes of making a strong finish as results of MRI tests revealed that he is fit to participate in the 2014 World Cup.
Popularly called as El Guerrero or The Warrior, Vidal suffered a knee injury last May, which prompted him to go under the knife and therefore, raised speculations of his availability in the highly anticipated footballing event. Anticipations of his timely recovery were confirmed when he entered the pitch on the 77th as a substitute during the friendly against Northern Ireland.


According to the scan, he experienced an inflammation. Nevertheless, the squad’s team doctor, Dr. Giovanni Carcuro stressed that it was “associated with the surgery” and is “expected” within his recovery period.


Vidal is one Chile’s key figures. His presence and combined efforts with Alexis Sanchez, makes La Roja  a competitive force on the pitch. A familiar face in Juventus’ starting XI, he rarely falls short in meeting the expectations thrown at him. His great tackling skills, combined with an intense stamina that can withstand a 90-minute test, gives the edge that Chile needed in surviving its difficult group. A versatile midfielder, Vidal is a certified Jack-Of-All-Trades. The Chilean star can defend, formulate plays and even score, if needed. With an impressive resume under his belt, it is not surprising why his recovery creates a great impact to Chile’s football squad.


Chile’s first encounter in a tedious, yet exciting list of world cup matches, is pitted against Australia. They are deemed as the betting favorite, with odds pegged at 1.85.



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