FIFA World Cup Today Matches

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USA’s Defeat To Ukraine Friendly Foresees Gloomy World Cup Future

USA’s Defeat To Ukraine Friendly Foresees Gloomy World Cup Future

Jürgen Klinsmann had to pay dearly for his decision to drop his regulars during the friendly match against Ukraine. Sporting their European based players, the Stars and Stripes presented a catastrophic display of a lackluster performance, which warranted their humiliating pre-World Cup match defeat.


Klinsmann’s approach can be fairly described as one heck of an experiment that went wrong. Unable to score a single goal, Ukraine took the opportunity to keep a clean sheet and fire two (2) winning shots, which sealed USA’s coffin.


At the wake of the Major Soccer League (MLS) opening, the squad’s top brass decided to take a chance on his European-based players, instead of going for his MLS regulars, which he had been using for the past two (2) years. The strategy was deemed to be a practical “compromise” rather than subjecting his MLS mainstays into a dreary travel. Moreover, this will give him the opportunity to look into the potential of other players to become a part of his World Cup lineup.


Unfortunately, there was a hardly a player who responded well to the challenge. Even Joey Altidore, who is instrumental in the team’s success during the qualifiers, failed to impress.


Although he was quick to admit that he miss the “depth” of his MLS squad, Klinsmann did not forego the chance to defend his decision.


He stressed and implied that what transpired was expected in a squad filled with players that do not have enough time to work together as a solid group. The manager went on to emphasize that for them to perform well against Ukraine, given the new line up that they have, would be a “miracle.”


The United States has yet to snatch a World Cup silverware. So far, their best performance was reaching the quarterfinals in 2002.

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