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Temper And Injury Issues Rock The Troubled Oranjes

Temper And Injury Issues Rock The Troubled Oranjes

Netherlands is in danger of suffering France’s 2010 World Cup demise as temper issues began to manifest among team members. Adding more worry is the injury scare suffered by team captain, Robin Van Persie.


During their training, a hard tackle between Arjen Robben and teammate, Martins Indi sparked a fiery tension between the two. The Bayern Munich winger curled unto the ground and appeared to be in pain after the collision. He soon left the pitch after the said incident.


However, despite the (temporary panic) felt among the ranks of the Dutch squad, Robben remained unharmed. As for Indi, he confirmed speculations that there was indeed, a minor clash between him and Robben. He described his team mate as a “good dribbler who fell needlessly once.”


During the 2010 World Cup, France spiraled downwards as internal problems consumed the whole squad. This resulted to a total boycotting of the training session and a disappointing finish. The Oranjes is also at risk of experiencing the same fate should they fail to settle their differences.


Other than the internal rife, concerns over Van Persie’s condition also start to crop out. The Manchester United striker went through medical tests and was pulled out at halftime during the friendly against Wales.


Despite speculations of his (Van Persie) form, the team downplayed such reports and stressed that the squad’s captain is “ok.”


Netherlands is pitted against its 2010 title rival, Spain. The squad shall also face Chile and Australia. Yet, despite the seemingly difficult group where it belongs, the club is perceived as a heavy favorite of world cup matches next to Spain, with odds valued at 1.60.


Image Source:  Newstimes

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