FIFA World Cup Today Matches

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Team England: The Road to the FIFA World Cup 2014

Team England: The Road to the FIFA World Cup 2014

English players’ rather frustrating displays in the Champions League is not necessarily a strong indicator of the national team’s underdog stance on a global competition, particularly in the FIFA World Cup 2014. The series of upsets and draws they (UK clubs) incurred in the UEFA tournament would appear pale when compared to their form in the World Cup qualifications, where they were never beaten by their opponents. This simply suggests than when the best players in each of the English clubs are put into a single bowl, the collaborative strength gets off the charts.

England has a reliable pack of young players who exude pleasant enthusiasm at helping their nation gain the esteemed top title. Team coach Roy Hodgson has Bobby Charlton, Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampard, Wayne Rooney, Jermaine Defoe, and Daniel Sturridge under his wing, not to mention that the other The Three Lions players are also showing potential.

While England are not always ranked on top as favorites to win the World Cup, they have adequate talents to secure a good standing. The supply line, though not that uniform, is well-planned and reliable. However, the squad remain to be plagued by health issues as they are still dependent on a few players in goal. There is no new John Terry or Rio Ferdinand pushing through at center-back. The scarcity of defensive midfielders is severe. Although Liverpool’s Steven Gerrard is a prolific player to assume that position, he cannot hold it entirely by himself.

Stagnation, overload, and age are the three main factors that would facilitate a loophole in England’s World Cup campaign. But regardless of this, they will not have a tremendous problem in the attack.


Image source: FIFA

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