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Team Captain Profile: Japan’s Makoto Hasebe

Team Captain Profile: Japan’s Makoto Hasebe

Makoto Hasebe may not belong to the elite group of highly reputed pitch captains that the international audiences have used to award plaudits, but he has his own unique ways to make a presence that is worth to be known. Captaining the Japan team—Asia’s strongest side—for the FIFA World Cup 2014 would be a tall order, but Hasebe’s skills set is more than enough take on such an honorable responsibility.


Hasebe started his career with Urawa Red Diamonds where he became a regular in 2003. The following year, he was given the J. League Cup New Hero Award for the exceptional stunts he displayed in front of the Japanese spectators. His popularity in his natal country radiated even up to the Mediterranean where it was reported that Italian club AC Siena wanted to include the Japanese player in their slate. The Geman side Wolfsburg, however, was more keen at signing him. Thus, in 2009 following a deal, he became the very first Japanese player to join the Bundesliga club. It was an excellent decision for the Wolves as Hasebe was among the players who contributed to their 2009 league victory.


After a few seasons with Wolfsburg, Hasebe transferred to Nurnberg. The side’s move to sign the Japanese linchpin was an attempt to improve Der Club’s form and escalate their chances at remaining in the German top-flight league. However, their 2013-14 season has so far been dismal and they are among the clubs with greatest possibility of exiting the tournament by its finale. Hasebe has so far not been able to net a goal and his recent knee injury would further halt his chance at proving his worth in the squad.


Internationally, Hasebe has only scored two goals in 75 appearances. His most recent was the one against Brazil in a friendly match. He was also the Japan captain for the World Cup in South Africa four years ago, when Samurai Blue failed to keep up with Paraguay and failed to move into the quarter-finals.


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