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Team Captain Profile: England’s Steven Gerrard

Team Captain Profile: England’s Steven Gerrard

One of England’s most talented midfielders, Steven Gerrard has made his name a legend at Anfield. The one-qyad man is reputed for his athleticism and tremendous energy which he successfully converts into stunning displays that often yield excellent goals. He may now be past his peak, but the Merseyside native remains a staple for his club Liverpool and the English national team.


Gerrard scored his first international goal in the famous 5-1 victory over Germany in September 2001 and has become one of the first names on the team sheet for his country. His timing is particularly revered. He is able to fire vital goals on highly critical occasions. He is predictably good, and him losing his grip on a tournament is quite a rare phenomenon.


As a club colleague, he captained Liverpool to a fantastic Champions League triumph in 2005, while he has also provided outstanding contributions to every other major European trophy. He is highly dangerous in the midfield, the pitch position he successfully been mastering for years.


Gerrard is a natural leader who is also an agile runner with out-of-the-box vision. He could volley an incredible goals even from afar which makes him one of the most feared players in England and in the world. However, he has some problems to deal with when it comes to discipline. He often struggles in the tackle and has been warned a few times for some impactful actions against his opponents.


In their campaign to qualify for the FIFA World Cup 2014, Gerrard scored two goals for England. He and compatriots Wayne Rooney, Frank Lampard, Danny Welbeck, and Germain Defoe are expected to display some of the most breathtaking maneuvers in Brazil on the summer finals.


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