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Team Captain Profile: Costa Rica’s Bryan Ruiz

Team Captain Profile: Costa Rica’s Bryan Ruiz

Although his team was seeded in the FIFA World Cup 2014 Group stage with football powerhouses England, Italy, and Uruguay, captain Bryan Ruiz is not too bothered about the potential fate of their campaign in the esteemed global competition. He has the oozing confidence that he and his men are capable of showing some surprises, even if it means they need to stretch their limits off the highest ceiling. Costa Rica might be the underdogs in the group, but the Central American team will not succumb that easily to their adversaries.


The Fulham forward describes his team’s placement in the group stage to be deadly. However, there is always an oasis in a vast expanse of arid sands, which means that the massive threat of an early exit can be mitigated by good displays driven by the strong determination to topple even the scariest monsters. The side’s best advantages among the cluster is the relative absence of pressure as well as a commendable teamwork that Ruiz has been advocating for since becoming part of the national team.


“Compared to England, Italy and Uruguay, we are the ugly ducklings of the group, the weakest team, the easiest. But we know we can surprise all of them,” said La Comadreja.


Ruiz has a reputable portfolio of achievement under his belt. He was of principal importance in Alajuelense’s championship in the CONCACAF Chmapions’ Cup (2004), the Copa Interclubes UNCAF (2005), and the Primera Division de Costa Rica (2005). In Europe, he was a top Eredevisie player, co-winning the Dutch league with FC Twente in the 2009-10 season. Individually, he was named Player of the Season at Gent in 2009, at FC Twente in 2010, and received the Goal of the Month accolade in England on October 2011.


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