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Team Captain Profile: Belgium’s Vincent Kompany

Team Captain Profile: Belgium’s Vincent Kompany

A top-rated player sought after by many European clubs, Vincent Kompany is one of Belgium’s greatest pitch warriors. He is a versatile and powerful footballer who could switch from being a central defender to being a defensive midfielder when the situation requires him to.


Kompany started his career in his natal country as part of local club Anderlecht, before signing with German squad Hamburg in 2006. There, he only appeared six times as he was injured for an Achilles problem. He was also part of Belgium’s football team in the Beijing 2008 Olympics where he was capped twice.


Currently one of English side Manchester City’s most esteemed players, Kompany boasts of one of England’s most impressive defensive stunts. He is solid, composed, and highly reliable. In 2012, he and his City players won the Premier League while in the recently concluded season, they again soared to the highest reaches of the table rankings.


In 2011 and 2012, Kompany was named in the Premier League Team of the Year and he earned the Premier League Player of the Season award in 2012.


Kompany debuted in the international scene at the age of 17 for Belgium on February 2004 against France, becoming one of the youngest players ever. On May 2010, Kompany scored a 90th minute goal to give his country a 2–1 victory over Bulgaria in a friendly match. On June 2013, Kompany led Rode Duivels  to a 2–1 win against Serbia in a World Cup qualifying match.


Despite his apparent acumen in the defense, Komany has some difficulties that he shall have accurate control of. He is quite unspectacular in the air and he is very prone to injury problems, whether small or serious.


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