FIFA World Cup Today Matches

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Team Argentina: The Road to the FIFA World Cup 2014

Team Argentina: The Road to the FIFA World Cup 2014

For Argentina, three words (in Spanish): Los Cuatro Fantasticos. This elite brood of players comprises Angel Di Maria, Sergio Aguero, Gonzalo Huguain, and Leo Messi—four of La Albiceleste’s finest-rated nexuses who could be the South American national team’s best hopes to book a third title in the most important global football competition. Peppered in three top-caliber clubs in their respective European leagues, these players have more than enough experience to nail a sublime international display. Messi, in particular, will have his best shot at earning the distinction of being the greatest football player of his generation.

Under the tutelage of Alejandro Sabella, Argentina made a relatively easy berth into the FIFA World Cup 2014. Their group for the Group Stage also seems to favor for an Argentine leadership as they were seeded alongside powerful but less impressive rivals. None in Group F may be considered weak, but Iran and Bosnia-Herzegovina are among the worst teams that qualified for the finals. Nigeria, meanwhile, are in their less spectacular years. With these, the Argentine side will largely dominate all their group stage fixtures.

While the current system does not seem to bring out the best in Lionel Messi, its flexible terms will allow the linchpin to maximize his (and his colleagues’) attacking skills. Perhaps, it would be more clinical to put him further upfield rather than place him deep behind the main strikers. Regardless, he will do just breathtakingly fine wherever coach Sabella wishes to position him. There are possibly some uncertainties over the central defense and the goalkeeper Sergio Romero, but with a heavyweight load of attacking talents there is little reason why they will not emerge champions in the World Cup.


Image source: FIFA

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