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Swiss Keeper Benaglio Uses Sophisticated Technology During Training

Swiss Keeper Benaglio Uses Sophisticated Technology During Training

Sheer talent is not the only requirement in remaining competitive during the World Cup. It takes a little tweak or assistance that may emanate from the coach, teammates and of course, technology. The latter’s contribution to athletic success is seldom featured or mentioned, but Switzerland’s goalkeeper, Diego Benaglio knows how important technology is in securing World Cup success.


Recently, the Swiss keeper was spotted sporting strobe glasses while training. It may not be the best occasion to flaunt his exquisite sense of style, but Benaglio knows that his actions will reap rewards soon.


The strobe glasses is one of the most sophisticated technological equipment used by many athletes today. It is carefully designed to keep the athlete more focused and attentive. With the mounting pressure felt in World Cup that is even made worse by the possibilities of defending the post against Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo etc., Benaglio is hopeful that the unique glasses will help him guard his post.


While training, Benaglio must learn how to adjust quickly to changing environmental conditions. As he wears the strobe glasses, the lights may become brighter or darker. Flashes akin to that of a camera may also put Benaglio’s vision to the test. Apparently, it is not easy, but if this is one of the ingredients to put Switzerland at the apex of footballing success, then perhaps it is worthy of one’s time and attention.


Switzerland has not won a single World Cup trophy since 1930 and the upcoming event could be their best chance to grab the title. Grouped with France, Ecuador and Honduras, the squad is pitted as World Cup betting favorite to win in Group E, next to France.


Image Source: Yahoo

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