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Super Gigi Lifts Italy

Super Gigi Lifts Italy

From an emergency substitute in 1996, Gianluigi “Gigi” Buffon has emerged as Italy’s greatest goal keeper. His heart-stopping saves have been one of Gli Azurri’s potent weapons, which have continued to haunt even the most prolific strikers. But perhaps if there is a role harder than preventing Italy to concede goals, this is leading a whole pack of talented players watched by the world.


Gigi actually started his career as a defensive midfielder. However, it was the strong of influence of Thomas N’Kono that made him “fall in love” in the said position. Encouraged and inspired by N’Kono’s impressive performances, he began to tackle a new role that would catapult his career.


Shortly after he appeared in his first World Cup match,  in which he substituted for Gianluca Pagliuca, he became the world’s most expensive goal keeper when he transferred to Juventus for a massive €52 M. The transfer buzz occurred in just three (3) years after he made his first international appearance. And since then, he has become a starter of the Italian team. He became a prominent figure in the squad and was part of the Gli Azurri contingent that brought home the 2006 World Cup silverware. The number of his individual awards also increased.


After his triumphant stint in 2006, he became UEFA’s Goalkeeper and Club Footballer of the Year. Likewise, the International Federation of Football History & Statistics recognized him as the goalkeeper of the 21st century. But these awards were simply figments of his illustrious career, not to mention his high sense of dedication and commitment in fulfilling his role as Italy’s team captain.


When asked on how he can organize the squad knowing that he is away from action, Gigi stressed that being a leader transcends beyond wearing an armband. He implied that irrespective of the position that he plays, his influence is not limited to the pitch, but instead, extends to the dressing room and situations where leadership is readily demanded.


Already 36, Gigi has already achieved the zenith of his goalkeeping career. But it seems that he has no plans of hanging his gloves yet. As one of the major pillars of Italian football, Gigi is happy and content in sharing his experiences and inspiring young players to defy all expectations and set examples that future generation can look up to.



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