FIFA World Cup Today Matches

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Spahić: The Emir Of Bosnia And Herzegovina’s Football

Spahić: The Emir Of Bosnia And Herzegovina’s Football

Emir Spahić is more than just the famous cousin of Eden Dzeko. He is a self-made man who created his own name and brought Bosnia and Herzegovina to the limelight of the footballing world.


Playing as one of the best centre-backs, Spahić is known for his strong tackles and technical maneuvers on the pitch. He is currently playing for the German outfit Bayer Leverkusen and his arrival was an anticipated one. Back in his international squad, he is recognized for being a perfectionist. He is a never-ending driving force that encourages himself and his teammates to exceed expectations.


Spahić strong belief in his squad’s ability to qualify in the World Cup prompted a Galatean effect among his team mates. They were minnows during the qualifying round. But they literally shocked the world when they sealed their first ever World Cup berth. Spahić’s expectations of his team and himself have already materialized and now, they are set to conquer the World.


Although Bosnia and Herzegovina’s team captain has noble intentions for the squad. This did not spare him from controversies and criticism. The country’s defeat in a friendly against Egypt, earned him the reputation of being a major bully on the pitch. Stories have it that he and cousin Eden Dzeko even attempted to “pick on the starting XI.” However, these reports remained unconfirmed.


But then again, such stories are too trivial to eclipse Spahić’s contributions for the squad. There are instances where he might have falter, but then again, nobody is really perfect. And perhaps the said incident was simply blown out of proportion.


It is said that the upcoming World Cup matches will be Spahić’s last as he is on the verge of retiring. It is hard to see him go and even harder to look for a successor. But even if he hangs up his boots, one thing is certain—that his notable contributions for the Dragons shall not perish in oblivion.



Image Source: Sports Net

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