FIFA World Cup Today Matches

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Does South Korea Stand A Chance In World Cup?

Does South Korea Stand A Chance In World Cup?

A dismal performance against Ghana raised doubts over South Korea’s chances in the 2014 World Cup.


In their last pre-world cup friendly, Ghana’s Black Stars thrashed the Taegeuk Warriors with a convincing 4-0 win. The defeat readily exposed concerns over  the squad’s ability to take advantage of scoring opportunities and defence. The clean sheet was simply too unbearable to watch.


A closer look at South Korea’s international friendlies show that they have only won once in their last  five (5) friendlies. It was against Greece. Prior to their heavy loss to Ghana, the squad was also surprised by non-world cup contender, Tunisia. The latter pulled off a narrow victory, with the match ending  in 1-0.


South Korea made an impressive run during the 2002 World Cup where they finished 4th. It was their best finish since they entered the competition in 1954. However, more than a decade has already passed and the group cannot seem to go beyond the first two stages of the competition. Many are expecting that the squad will deliver a different result in their upcoming world cup matches. But with their recent loss, it seems that the squad might fall short of the public’s expectations.


South Korea’s inability to impress in the tournament would be a major disappointment. This disappointment does not only stems from the fact that they cannot come up with a stronger finish, but also from the reality that many of its players are already making big names in Europe and that more or less, their level of performance should be at par with their competitors.


At the very least, what the spectators and supporters can do as of the moment is wait and hope that everything turns out right for the Taegeuk Warriors.


Image Source: The Big Lead


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