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Selecao panic: Neymar injury might translate to a Brazil upset

Selecao panic: Neymar injury might translate to a Brazil upset

Neymar’s back injury, a damage on one of his vertebrae, has caused panic amongst the players and the Brazilians in general. The forward has been ruled out from the rest of 2014 FIFA World Cup following the tragedy and without him, Brazil would be in danger of failing to secure victory in the semi-finals against a much in-form Germany.


Brazil’s joy after securing the silverware from Colombia in the quarter-finals was briefly cut by a grimacing Neymar who had to be taken out of the pitch with a stretcher for the severe pain he incurred on his spine. The injury was caused by what appeared to be a clumsy challenge by Colombia’s Juan Zuniga in the second half of their match in the quarter-finals. This caused an outburst from Neymar’s fans against Zuniga and the latter immediately took on his Instagram to apologize:


“I feel burdened by this situation. It resulted from a normal play and there was no bad intention, evil or recklessness from my part. I want to send a special salute to Neymar. I hope you recover soon in order to continue to show us that in football there is a sport full of virtue and qualities.”


Although Neymar was not the Man of the Match, he is definitely one of the pillars that kept Brazil among the favorites to win the tournament. Playing such a vital role in the squad, there has been rumors that Selecao is undertaking an ambitious plan at putting the player back into the field in the finale if they get past Germany in the semi-finals.


The national team staff held a meeting with Neymar at his home on weekend in which they discussed his chances of taking the pitch with the aid of painkillers if the team make the final. The 22-year old player suffered a fracture to his third lumbar vertebra but reports said that injuries to this vertebra were quite benign as compared to others.


 (Featured Image: Neymar | Source: Wall Street Journal)

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