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End of the Road: Uruguay on their World Cup Exit

End of the Road: Uruguay on their World Cup Exit

Finish: Round of 16

(Featured Image: Uruguay players | Source: FIFA)


More than disappointment and dissatisfaction, anger was the main reaction of fans and the media on Uruguay’s performance in the 2014 FIFA World Cup. The Luis Suarez biting scandal has been the epicenter of all issues and FIFA was definitely put under the Uruguayan microscope.


Uruguay concluded their World Cup dreams in the Round of 16 after they were beaten by Colombia on a two-goal clean sheet. Suarez emerged as hero in their brawl against England but his reputation has soon ebbed away following a biting incident he inflicted to an Italian player during their final battle in the Group stage against Italy—where they won 1-0. The scandal became a viral topic in the news and social media which eventually led to Suarez being banned for the rest of the competition.


The response to Suarez’ ousting was mixed. Some agreed on the decision while others felt the verdict was too harsh. Especially for the Uruguayans, they believe that the ban was put to a near-maximum because Uruguay were not among the favorites to win and banning Suarez was one of the most effective ways to deny the side from advancing through the quarter-finals or even higher.


The allegation was exactly what it turned out. Uruguay lost in the Round of 16. Midfielder Egidio Arevalo Rios was bitter about the result, blaming the Suarez ban as the main reason for the upset. “We’ve had to fight against everyone,” he said. “The truth is they wanted us out.”


Ovación joined La República in condemning the decision to eject Suarez out of the tournament. Their front page headline read “The dream is over” but the inside pages inked exclamations such as “They played under protest.”


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