FIFA World Cup Today Matches

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End of the Road: Spain on their World Cup Exit

End of the Road: Spain on their World Cup Exit

Finish: Third place, Group stage

(Featured Image: Spain players | source: FIFA)


In spite of their 0-3 rout against Australia in their final fixture in the Group stage, the defending champions Spain still ended up a major disappointment to their fans. They were among the favorites to win the 2014 FIFA World Cup but their dismal performances versus Chile and the Netherlands have stirred plenty of criticisms, ridicule, and condemnation from those who have rooted for La Roja. Although an early exit of previous champions is not new to the World Cup, Spain’s farewell at the Group stage was one, if not the biggest shockers in this edition of the World Cup.


Spain are still ranked atop the FIFA World Rankings but their reign will soon fade away following their World Cup disaster. Manager Vicente del Bosque is aware of how much heartbreak his team’s loss has caused the Spanish audiences but he remains calm and does not believe that Spain should start from scratch again. He knows some of the players can still be relied upon in their next campaign to any international competition, although a major restructure is indeed very necessary.


Alongside Spain’s exit from the tournament was the proliferation of numerous memes in the Internet. The side (or the country itself) have been subject to much mockery—some pure insults while others were products of fun-loving, creative minds. There are GIFs which show Spanish jerseys sold for a meager price with remarks like “only used twice,” in reference to the side’s short stint in the competition. Others comprise of funny dialogs in “edited” TV shows as well as stadium audiences reacting with comic banters against Spain.


Spain’s loss also created new records—but not the kind Spanish fans would want to hear. Chile have won for the very first time against their European rivals; La Roja became the very first champion in the history of World Cup to exit before playing their last group fixture; and their defeat to the Netherlands in the curtain raiser was their first downfall from any competitive international fixture since their Confederations Cup upset from Brazil.

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