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End of the Road: Nigeria on their World Cup Exit

End of the Road: Nigeria on their World Cup Exit

Finish: Round of 16

(Featured Image: Nigeria players | Source: FIFA)


Nigeria were one of the few ‘foreign’ teams in the 2014 FIFA World Cup who were supported by an overwhelmingly large number of Brazilian fans. In their brawl against France, they received loud cheers while their European opponents were mostly booed. However, audience support was not the only thing the Super Eagles needed to win the tourney. They were beaten by the French squad on a clean sheet which could be indicative of a lackluster attacking prowess in spite of a decent Enyeama performance. The Round of 16 finish, nevertheless, was their best position in the last three World Cups that were eligible to participate.


Of course, Nigerian supporters were unavoidably upset about the result but they are sport viewers. They know what their team lacked and are aware of how much challenge they were up to against the French warriors. In fact, a few of them even wished that their team fail (which was what has just happened) to qualify for the next round—for reasons too personal to be discussed.


After the elimination, many reports have also surfaced about coach Stephen Keshi resigning from handling the squad. The rumor originated from a rather ambiguous statement from the manager, who said that the match against France could be his last with the team. However, this was immediately trashed by the National Sports Commission. In a statement released to the public, sports minister and chairman of the NSC, Tammy Danagogo, said: “It is not true that Keshi has resigned. He told me that he never said so, that his contract only expired. I expect the NFF to the needful.”


Nigeria entered into the final 16 after scoring one victory against Bosnia-Herzegovina and one draw with Iran in the Group stage. Of all their matches in the World Cup, only Odemwingie (1) and Musa (2) scored while team captain Enyeama produced some of the tournament’s best saves.

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