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End of the Road: France on their World Cup Exit

End of the Road: France on their World Cup Exit

Finish: Quarter-finals

(Featured Image: France players | Source: FIFA)


The 2014 FIFA World Cup journey for France has ended in the quarter-finals. A goalless defeat from Germany denied the French players from earning a sixth non-consecutive opportunity to finish in the top four. Nevertheless, they provided some of the best spectacles in the tournament and they will certainly return home as champions in their own rights.


The 1982 tournament was the easiest reference for any spectator who have witnessed (whether first-hand, TV broadcasts, or on Youtube clips) the Germany-France brawl. This year, however, the fight has been less violent but not less memorable. There were a few controversies to deal with but not in the same weight as the scandals, tragedy, and drama of the match more than three decades ago. The recently concluded quarter-final battle between the European countries was a massive showcase of excellent goalkeeping and defense but a decisive (and early) goal by Mats Hummels was everything the match needed to determine the winners.


According to ESPN commentator Chris Waddle, “France fell short. They looked entertaining in the group stage but were beaten by a better team, with more experience at this level, who knew how to see out the game. Germany dominated the midfield and dictated the pace of the game, while France were well off their own pace.”


Considering their underwhelming performances in the last World Cup, France are lucky to have finished their campaign in the current edition as part of the last eight. In 2010, the side failed to score three points in any of their fixtures and in the qualifications for this year’s finals in Brazil, they almost did not make it through. They needed to overcome a two-goal deficit in a two-game series against Ukraine to secure one of Europe’s final spots.

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