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End of the Road: Colombia on their World Cup Exit

End of the Road: Colombia on their World Cup Exit

Finish: Quarter-finals

(Featured Image: Colombia players | Source: FIFA)


The 2014 FIFA World Cup has so far been the most memorable edition of the FIFA tournament for Colombia, having been the very first installment of the World Cup that allowed them to reach the quarter-finals—their best placement in history. So even before they engaged with Brazil in their battle, they already knew that they had nothing to lose. The success might have been invigorating—for so many reasons—but the Colombians actually felt they were also cheated and could have made a better finish had it not been for some loopholes during the match at the Estádio Castelão in Fortaleza.


Many Colombians fumed over the seemingly unfair judgments of Spanish referee Carlos Carballo over the fouls, penalties, and disallowed goals by both Brazil and Los Cafeteros. In fact, a Colombian newspaper Diario del Magdalena even blatantly expressed its dismay over the anomalies with a banner headline reading “Arbitro Español: hijo de la gran puta madre que te parió” (Spanish referee: son of a massive whore, the mother who bore you). “The decision to disallow a legitimate goal, scored by Mario Yepes, and to give countless fouls against Colombia decided the match for the Brazilians,” the regional paper wrote.


Q’hubo, another local publication, wrote a one-word propaganda on their front page: “Injusticia!” The page features a crying James Rodriguez, which reflects the “injustice which had befallen him.” The journal also expressed disappointment over the disallowed goal, writing that their national team lost “at the hands of the referee and a Brazil side that felt their own pain”.


Reaching the quarter-finals has been historic for Colombia—not to mention that star player James Rodriguez is currently the top scorer with six goals—but just like any other competition, the top position is the ultimate target of any competitor. Colombia had a massive chance at earning their very first title and although their last-eight finish is not necessarily bad, it could have been bettered.

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