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End of the Road: Chile on their World Cup Exit

End of the Road: Chile on their World Cup Exit

Finish: Round of 16

(Featured Image: Chile players | Source: FIFA)


The Chileans had a magnificent showing in the 2014 FIFA World Cup; had it not been for the penalty shootout, La Roja could have clinched a quarter-final berth at the expense of the host squad, Brazil. However, their Selecao rivals were also very spirited and in the end, only the fittest survived. A Round of 16 finish is nonetheless an impressive achievement—equaling their feat in the 2010 and 1998 editions of FIFA’s grandest football tournament.


Chile’s Group stage performances were sublime in their own rights. The side trailed behind the Netherlands in the final group ranking but their win over Australia and more importantly, over Spain, brought a great deal of pride for the South American nation. They scored three goals against Socceroos and obtained a two-goal clean sheet against Spain. The latter feat also posted two achievements: they were the first side in the current World Cup to eliminate the defending champions and dominated for the very first time in 11 matches since 1950 over the Iberian ensemble.


Their success in the competition, particularly against Spain, was historic for most Chileans. Santiago and all other major cities in Chile emanated in intense celebration following the impressive performances of their players. At the Round of 16, however, the merriment had to be halted. Against Brazil, they lost all three points in a very entertaining and tight encounter at the Estadio Mineirao. The match originally ended in a draw 1-1 but a penalty shootout was awarded and La Roja failed to out-score Brazil.


For the Chileans, they believe their team showed well enough and their defeat is definitely not something to be ashamed of. They gave a good fight. Despite the upset, they produced quality football.


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