FIFA World Cup Today Matches

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Road to the Round of 16: World Cup Group E recap

Road to the Round of 16: World Cup Group E recap

Teams: France, Switzerland, Ecuador, Honduras

(Featured Image: Switzerland | Source: FIFA)


A mixture of brilliant displays and some not-so-spectacular moments summarized the actions that engulfed Group E in the 2014 FIFA World Cup’s first round. France came out on top of the crop after belting out two wins and one stalemate (seven points). Switzerland trailed behind with six points while Ecuador and Honduras both had to suffer early exit from the competition.


A clean sheet was twice scored in the matches, the first one by France 3-0 against Honduras and the second by Switzerland 0-3 against the same opponents. These teams also emerged as the group’s top two while the consistent losers, Honduras, inevitably ended up at the bottom. Ecuador, who placed third, almost had a shot at challenging their Swiss opponents for the Round of 16 seeding, had they been able to thrash France in their final battle. They, however, played out a goalless draw.


The French side produced the greatest number of goal scorers, which include Benzema (2), Valladares (1), Giroud (1), Matuidi (1), Valbuena (1), and Sissoko (1). Ecuador obtained all their points solely from Valencia, who scored three goals in two matches. However, it was Switzerland’s Shaqiri who emerged as the most impressive scorer. He earned a hat-trick against Honduras which were also the only goals scored in the battle. He was the only player to come out from the group to net three goals in a single match, silencing his critics and inspiring his fans. Other Swiss players who deservedly scored were Mehmedi, Seferovic, Dzemaili, and Xhaka. With zero points, Honduras only had Costly to net a goal.


Both France and Switzerland have a good chance at advancing through the quarter-finals (or higher). Their clinical skills are outstanding and especially for France, their attack-defense formula is so far one of the strongest in the tournament. But they absolutely need to up their game as their impending opponents have also shown over-the-top performances in their respective groups.

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