FIFA World Cup Today Matches

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Too much reliance on Messi can take a toll on Argentina

Too much reliance on Messi can take a toll on Argentina

For the past four matches in the 2014 FIFA World Cup, Argentina have only scored six goals: four from captain Leo Messi, one Angel di Maria, and another one from an own goal by their opponents. While the goal scoring has not been as productive as expected, the side still managed to win all their battles thanks to a generally good defense and the footballing acumen of their star player.


However, the results have also left questions over the team’s over reliance on Messi. They appear to be a one-man team. In fact, even di Maria’s score was assisted by the Barca striker. The rest of the players—including Higuain, Aguero, and Lavezzi—are not using their full potential even if they are also touted to be among the best footballers in the world. The side need to distribute the chances to a more players other than Messi and if Sabella fails to do that, Argentina will collapse.


None of Albiceleste’s World Cup matches in the current edition has shown a true spectacle, so far. The attack is lukewarm and only the team captain seems to exert the most effort. The defense and goalkeeping, however, are more than superb. But spectators are expecting and thirsty of more goals and to do that, all forwards and midfielders must step up.


The side’s worst performance was their brawl against Switzerland in the Round of 16. They needed to extend on extra time just to win the fixture. In the first half, in fact, the Swiss players looked more dominant. If not for Romero’s excellent saves, the South American favorites could have been ousted from the finals’ slate.


The legendary Maradona has criticized the way Argentina have performed in the competition, with emphasis on the lack of support for Messi.


“The kid is very lonely out on the pitch,” he said. “I have a very strong feeling about what is happening and I can only describe it as bitterness, rage, anger. He just does not have enough support from the midfield and is expected to do it all on his own.”


Right-back Pablo Zabaleta seemed to have agreed to what Maradona claims, saying; “…every time we recover the ball we try to pass to [Messi] as he is the best player we have in the team and he will score goals.”


(Featured Image: Lionel Messi | Source: FIFA)

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