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Racism Hits Balotelli At Training Camp

Racism Hits Balotelli At Training Camp

The police had to get in the way to stop racist chants directed against Italy’s controversial striker, Mario Balotelli.


In an unfortunate training session, the AC Milan mainstay has been the outright target of racist taunts of several children. Balotelli was described as the so-called “black piece of s****.” This was in stark contrast to other spectators who openly expressed their support to the whole Italian contingent.


Despite the insults received, Balotelli turned a deaf ear to the chants and described the incident as something “unbelievable.” He added that such scenario happens only in Rome and Florence.


Ciro Immobile, Balotelli’s team mate also expressed his disappointment over what transpired during the training. Likewise, he described the experience as “unbelievable,” considering the fact that it is already 2014. He added that such has repercussions towards Italy’s reputation.


On the other hand, top brass, Giancarlo Abete stressed that such behavior was “unacceptable” and will have a closer look into the matter.


Racism is one of the most prevalent issues encountered in football. Recently, a Villarreal fan threw a banana to Barcelona’s Dani Alves in the middle of a heated match. Alves wittingly took the banana and ate it before taking a corner. Barcelona won the match.


The banana incident sparked different reactions, most especially in social media. To show support and continue the fight, several players such as Neymar, Sergio Arguero and Balotelli himself showed pictures of themselves holding a banana and using the hashtag #SayNoToRacism #WeAreAllMonkeys.


As for FIFA, the organization stressed that racism will not be tolerated during the event.


Italy’s World Cup matches are one of the most anticipated events during the awaited competition. Considered as one the heavy favorites, the squad hopes to bag another trophy amidst the racism issues that it continues to confront.


Image Source: ANSA


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