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The Pressure Of Being Joachim Low

The Pressure Of Being Joachim Low

Germany’s entry to Brazil is yet another spectacular display of Joachim Low’s sheer brilliance. Under his tutelage, he led Die Mannschaft into an undefeated streak, making them the best squad in Group C of the qualifiers. Indeed, it was one of Germany’s finest performances and probably, the apex of Low’s managerial career. But could it also be the end of his golden era?


Low is probably one of the most pressured coaches of the upcoming competition. For the past 3 World Cup matches, the Germans have managed to make it to the final stages of the tournament. In 2006 and 2010, Germany was the 3rd best squad in the world.


Nowadays, the stakes are much higher and so are the expectations. The German public is expecting a trophy. Low can always deliver. But it has to be the World Cup title. To keep the German supporters waiting for yet another 4 years will simply prolong the agony and worse, disregard all the contributions he made for the squad.


When Low took charge of Germany, Low blew the crowd by resolving some of the squad’s most pressing problems within a limited time frame. From 4-4-2 to 4-2-3-1, the transition transformed Die Mannschaft into a dangerous and ruthless force in the pitch. The squad’s counterattacking tactics became too hard to handle and too fatal to oppose. Until this day, such characteristic has been a formidable trademark of the German squad.


However, Low was not yet done in impressing the crowd. His brilliance was further put to the test when he boldly paraded a group of young players in several international competitions. Although inexperienced, Low’s move saw the rise of goalkeeper Manuel Neuer, Sami Khedira,  Thomas Mueller, Jerome Boateng and Toni Kroos, to name a few. The new generation of German footballers showed a great potential in dominating the football scene. Yet, perhaps, what is even more incredible is that their existence came to place during the times in which injury issues almost crippled the squad.


Nowadays, the German squad is not just a group comprised of strong and impressive players. It has evolved into a group filled with football geniuses and superstars that are highly capable of competing against the best players in the world.


Perhaps, the dissatisfaction thrown towards Low as of the moment has something to do with how he can help the squad move to another higher level. Germany is already done with developing the core and foundations of its national squad. It is high time for Low to show that his brilliance can deliver better results—that he can make the most of the power squad that he built.


Definitely,  the task at hand is daunting. The task at hand creates heavy pressure. But as always, the ever dependable Low will always have the solution and hopefully, this one earns them the coveted silverware.


Image Source: Independent

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