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From The Pitch To The Dugout—How Hong Myong Bo Empowered South Korea

From The Pitch To The Dugout—How Hong Myong Bo Empowered South Korea

South Korea’s Taeguk Warriors were among the first sides to seal their 2014 World Cup berth. With less than 3 months to go prior to the awaited tournament, it looked like they will be among the first squads to submit their starting XI.  Just recently, their iconic head honcho, Hong Myung Bo, shared that South Korea’s World Cup contingent is already 90% complete.  He added that he will be also preparing back-up plans as replacements for injured players.


Hong Myung Bo may be a little advance in trying to complete his squad. While others are still buying their time, here he is with a major announcement. But such attitude is rather expected from Hong. The squad’s former skipper has seen football’s ins and outs. From the exciting exhibitions on the pitch to the highly stressful environment in the dugout—he had seen all of them. His eagerness to complete his team at an early stage is due to his organized and systematic demeanor. It was evident when he wore the captain’s arm band during the 2002 World Cup and his keen and analytical attitude became more manifested when he was asked to join Dick Advocaat’s coaching staff.


Under Advocaat, Hong had the opportunity to look at football from a different perspective. As a player, majority of his concerns were focused on the execution of the master plan. But with Advocaat, his interest for strategy creation began to show. His short stint at LA Galaxy proved to be beneficial. The exposure and the constant use of the English language enabled him to break communication gaps between him and his superiors. Due to this, he was able to sit down and share his insights during their crucial world cup matches. From Advocaat to Pim Verbeek, his exposure widened.


Hong’s managerial abilities were readily put to the test when he was asked to handle South Korea’s Under-20 squad. It is believed that under his tutelage, the country will be able to train and develop the future generations of South Korean football. And true enough, during the recently concluded, Olympic, Hong helped his boys snatched a bronze medal.


The Olympic recognition was indeed, a testament to what Hong can do for Taeguk Warriors and the upcoming World Cup is another story. And who knows the Olympic might just be a premonition to what South Korea can achieve in this awaited tournament.


Image Source: Goal

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