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Pinto And Costa Rica’s Explosive Return

Pinto And Costa Rica’s Explosive Return

Jorge Luis Pinto earned the nickname “The Explosive One” for obvious reasons. His temper, which makes him erupt like a volcano and his infamous pushing of an official caused him to be banned in 10 matches.


Nowadays, Pinto’s label seemed to take a different meaning. Instead of pertaining to his unbecoming antics on the pitch, it is now linked on how he helped Costa Rica explode in the World Cup scene.


An explosion in the making

Pinto is a familiar face within the Costa Rican ranks. Like Scolari and Del Bosque who has coached their respective teams twice, Pinto is never a stranger to the Los Ticos’ side. He once led the team to the 2006 World Cup matches, only to find himself being sacked.


In 2010, Costa Rica’s disastrous end in the qualifiers saw the need for Pinto’s return. The act was some sort of a redemption on his part. After being dismissed, the squad’s demise in the said year, proved his worth in the squad.


True enough, Pinto did a major turnaround in the team. Amidst the tight competition, Costa Rica qualified. They did not have to go through the intercontinental playoffs as what many expected. Instead, it was Mexico, which was considered as one of the favorites in the group, which took the cumbersome route to Brazil.


Tactical skills and defensive strength

Costa Rica is currently grouped with Uruguay, Italy and England. On a quick glance, they are the minnows in the match. But Pinto has no plans of throwing the white towel easily.


He stressed that they need to make the most of their “tactical skills and defensive strength” to survive the assaults of stronger teams. As for his part, he spends time monitoring the friendlies and happenings on their opponents’ domestic leagues.


Likewise, he emphasized the need of stopping the key players of his rivals that will most likely feature in the tournament.


Another challenge

Injury has been causing problems to the Los Ticos. Brian Oviedo’s injury, to be more specific, springs a mountain of worries and troubles. But perhaps, they are indeed, destined to explode in the 2014 World Cup matches. Oviedo is already recovering and his probability of returning into the pitch slowly increases.


Pinto—in as much as he is explosive, is also a certified survivor and more than anything else, it is his great survival instincts, which have helped Costa Rica make an explosive comeback.


Image Source: Primero En Deportes

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