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Ottmar Hitzfeld: Why Clinical Strategies are Necessary for Switzerland

Ottmar Hitzfeld: Why Clinical Strategies are Necessary for Switzerland

The legendary coach Ottmar Hitzfeld is more of a scientist than a manager. The expert tactician uses Mathematics and precise observation to provide his men with the right formula to win their every battle.

Hitzfeld is most lauded for his knack for bringing out the best in his players. This faculty is unrivaled in the football world and the very reason why the Swiss side strove hard to sign him as the national team’s top brass. This occurred in spite of his being German, which qualifies for an automatic source of suspicion of his loyalty to the Alpine country.

The Lörrach native has special endearment toward Switzerland. In fact, he spent the bulk of his playing career in the Swiss League as a brilliant goal scorer for FC Basel, Lugano, and Luzern. He was then given the green light to start a stellar coaching career with FC Zug, Aarau, and Grasshoppers before returning home to lead Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich to Champions League glory.

Hitzfeld has the eye for a good signing to win trophies at all levels of any competition. He also instills a strong team spirit and discipline on and off the field. But behind all these, he is criticized for his overly defensive system. He exudes more appetite on frustrating his men’s opponents rather than truly showing stunners that have the potential to blow up the score sheets.

During his maiden years as a coach, Hitzfeld employed a 4-4-2 formation but received the highest plaudits and personal career highs by fielding three center-backs. However, he does not need to stick with one formula just to maintain his streak or establish a unique identity. He is versatile and is willing to make adjustments when necessary. His style always depends on the needs and qualities of his players.

The manager’s trip to Brazil would mark the culmination of his coaching career as he is already slated for retirement. With substantial experience and the impeccable zeal to maximize his men’s potential, Hitzfeld can reassure Switzerland of a strong finish in the FIFA World Cup 2014.


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