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Neymar injury not lethal to Brazil quarter-final bid

Neymar injury not lethal to Brazil quarter-final bid

The hosts of 2014 FIFA World Cup and the team with the most wins in the FIFA tournament are also among this year’s best performers. In Neymar, Brazil have a showman to display a legit spectacle. But the injury-stricken winger is in danger of missing the quarter-finals. His swollen thigh and knees could hamper a performance in full pitch capacitance, if not totally take him out of the slate. Reports say he is badly hurt but team doctor Jose Luiz Runco contends that the 22-year old Brazilian would be fit in time for the brawl in Fortaleza against Colombia.


Brazil’s No. 10 sustained bruising to his thigh against Chile in their Round of 16 face-off in Belo Horizonte. However, he actually survived extra time and even converted his penalty in the shoot-out—which means that he either forced himself to ignore the pain or the injury was not serious at all. Neymar underwent treatment a few minutes following challenges from Arturo Vidal, Gary Medel, and particularly Charles Aránguiz.


Brazil coach Luiz Felipe Scolari has earlier complained about what he sees to be prejudice on the part of English referee Howard Webb. He accused the officer for being hesitant to show cards if the inflictions are toward Brazil—citing Chile’s Alexis Sanchez numerous fouls that did not translate into a yellow or red zero card.


Contrary to Scolari’s allegation, analysts have actually given Webb some plaudits. They agree that he did well in officiating the match and was mostly on point when it came to the decisions. He kept up with the fast-paced play and got the major calls correctly.


Neymar should be fully recuperated before the brawl against Colombia. Else, Selecao’s chance at advancing through the semis would be greatly trimmed down especially that their rivals are increasingly finding traction in the tournament.


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(Featured Image: Neymar | Source: BBC)

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