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The Rise Of The Elephants

The Rise Of The Elephants

Can Ivory Coast make it beyond the group stage?


With their convincing win against Senegal, Ivory Coast has earned their World Cup ticket for the third time. Since their debut in 2006, the squad formed a tradition in which they become a familiar face in the competition. And indeed, they are creating a strong presence for the club.


However, the problem arises whenever their ability to advance in the tournament is questioned. During their past two (2) world cup appearances, the club made an early exit—something, which seems to be difficult to accept by many of its supporters.

Despite the depth in their form, the club often goes unnoticed and underrated. Compare them to other tournament participant and they will be automatically subjected to the minnow’s role. For some, such notion is understandable. But to those who have been following the squad, undermining them would be an insult.
What is unknown to many or perhaps, totally ignored aspect of the Elephants is that their past two (2) performances have been superb and impressive.


In 2006, the club was technically a newbie in the competition. The mere fact that they have managed to qualify is already an accomplishment to brag. Many aspire to be in the competition, but only a few were string enough to make it through.


Four (4) years later, the club was able to qualify again. For the second time around, they were eliminated in the group stage. Yet, still, it does not erase the fact that they made it to the prestigious tournament. It does not erase the fact that there is consistency and stability in the squad and just recently, they secured their third appearance.


There is nothing wrong to expect a stronger finish for the squad. This is pretty natural. However, criticizing them or even the slightest act of doubting what they can do is unjustifiable. In fact, it is counter-productive. An appreciation, a show of support will do wonders for the squad and maybe, just maybe, Ivory Coast will defy the odds and advanced into the next rounds.



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