FIFA World Cup Today Matches

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Resilience: La Roja to regain their pulse in the 2014 World Cup

Resilience: La Roja to regain their pulse in the 2014 World Cup

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Fragile and seemed daunted, Spain unexpectedly fell under the spell of the Brazil side in the Confederations Cup. The defeat was even more appalling as the La Roja was never able to score even just a single goal, culminating to 3-0.


Lucky for the Spaniards, they still have about a year before the World Cup to reevaluate their performance, scout for more intelligent players if necessary, and identify the factors that led to their defeat. Vicente del Bosque’s men have always been a monster in the pitch, displaying routines that opposing teams would otherwise find difficult to surpass. So when the side went flat in the FIFA preparatory tournament, supporters were thoroughly puzzled and disheartened.


The “home-support” factor may have fueled the European side to submit to their South American opponents. La Roja had to endure tanks of pressure from Selecao, compromising their defense and midfield which ultimately hindered them from advancing the ball. But silver linings always get into setbacks, providing Spain a bigger room to gather superior tools. Besides, they are crowned with a marvelous offense, which they can use (and strengthen) to nail their future battles.


While Felipe Scolari is not yet fully decided of his squad’s final line-up, his side should be more cautious of their rival’s resilient vengeance. Spain is creating new weapons for its players, including a pair of shields for Xavi and Sergio Busquets who looked under-equipped of covering the ball during the Confederations Cup. Steel bolas for Fernando Torres, Roberto Soldado and Alvaro Negredo are also being redesigned.


Spain is a strong squad no matter what. They would not win the 2010 World Cup for no reason. While it did falter in the Confederations Cup, it is still expected to play in the 2014 World Cup with sheer propensity.

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