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Player filter: Dope test puts Jamaican international to distress

Player filter: Dope test puts Jamaican international to distress

Jamaica Football Federation

A standard procedure in almost every type of sport, dope test serves as a filter in determining the final line-up of a team that can genuinely qualify to play for a major tournament. In the case of a Jamaican international, his long-sought participation in the FIFA World Cup may soon draw to an end after failing a test that detects abusive use of performance-enhancing drugs.
Neither the identity of player nor the type of substance he used were named for the media, but the Jamaican Football Federation confirmed that it had been informed by FIFA that one of the Jamaican players gave an adverse biochemical finding on his urine sample.
The report adds up to the Caribbean nation’s challenges on its sports sector after sprinters Asafa Powell and Sherone Simpson both tested positive for a banned stimulant just recently.
After their defeat in the qualifier in Honduras, Jamaica is now under tight scrutiny by authorities. The region’s credibility to compete in the World Cup is now considered a major setback for the Caribbean football, following vigorous efforts to clean up its reputation.
While doping cases in football are not that widespread, Peru midfielder Joel Sánchez was banned from all official fixtures at domestic and international levels when his test turned out positive for a stimulant drug. The suspension followed immediately after his team made a 1-1 draw with Bolivia.
Back in 2011, several Mexican players were found with clenbuterol in their bloodstreams in the build-up to the Gold Cup. They were, however, acquitted by WADA after investigations yielded the clenbuterol to come from contaminated meat.
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