FIFA World Cup Today Matches

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Paraguay’s Late World Cup Rally

Paraguay’s Late World Cup Rally
Paraguay’s Late World Cup Rally

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Paraguay and Bolivia are in dire need of a victory. With both teams struggling at the bottom of the group, there is a possibility that whichever team loses, shall eliminate its chances of entering the FIFA World Cup 2014.
The last time that Paraguay and Bolivia met was a year ago, The match was more memorable for La Verde’s side than that of the Los Guaraníes. This was after Bolivia thrashed Paraguay in a 3-1 victory. Now that they shall be meeting again soon, Paraguay’s hopes of getting even and securing a spot in World Cup, gets slimmer.
Paraguay and Bolivia are the group’s bottom two. However, the former trails by two (2) points and suffers from eight (8) defeats. Such figure readily speaks of the team’s lackluster performance. Although Bolivia’s records are far from being remarkable, well at least, it was able to force a draw against Venezuela and Argentina.
It is also important to note that Paraguay currently undergoes major adjustments. Recently, the team sacked Gerardo Pelusso. Victor Genes, who is the team’s third (3rd) head coach for the year, replaced Pelusso.
Although the sacking is a bit understandable, one cannot help but question on whether such move will still impact the team’s performance on the pitch. As mentioned, a new coach means a whole new series of adjustments. Given that the team has one month left to prepare and adjust, can they do it quickly?
Apparently, it is now a bit late for a change. Bolivia, when it goes against Paraguay, can reclaim its World Cup goals.

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