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Ineligible Player Leads To Equatorial Guinea’s 2014 World Cup Exit

Ineligible Player Leads To Equatorial Guinea’s 2014 World Cup Exit
Emilio Nsue

Emilio Nsue | © Zimbio/ Jasper Juinen


Cape Verde’s 2014 World Cup bid continues as FIFA sanctioned Equatorial Guinea for fielding an ineligible player twice.



A sudden turn of events did not only put the Blue Sharks back in the pitch, but also the chance to overcome Africa’s Group B leader, Tunisia. This is after FIFA penalized Equatorial Guinea with two (2) 3-0 win in Cape Verde’s favor.



The decision came about when Emilio Nsue, failed to meet the eligibility criteria and still, played for the Nzalang Nacional during the qualifying rounds. The first incident occurred last March 24 when Equatorial Guinea clinched a 4-3 away victory. The last one took place when Cape Verde scored a 2-1 triumph at home.



The presence of players based outside Equatorial Guinea (mostly in Spain) is nothing new to Nzalang Nacional. They are considered in the squad via the virtue of naturalization or through their parents. Issues such as the one confronted by Nsue often arise since there have been questions on whether the player has actually stayed in the country for five (5) years.

As for Nsue’s case, no explanations have been released why the Spanish-born player, who appeared in age-restricted competitions, is ineligible to play for Equatorial Guinea. FIFA’s recent decision includes the country in the so-called 3-0 losers list or countries, which dropped out of the World Cup due to ineligibility concerns. Joining them are Ethiopia, Gabon, Burikina Faso, Togo and Sudan.



Meanwhile, Lucio Antunes’ camp, trailing behind by only two (2) points shall head to Tunisia in September for the final play-off round.

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