FIFA World Cup Today Matches

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History Haunts The Oranjes

History Haunts The Oranjes

Will Netherlands repeat history?


After securing their automatic World Cup berth, the Oranje faces a familiar dilemma. The club is set to meet Spain at the onset of the tournament. La Roja posits a big challenge not only because they were the incumbent champion, but also because they stole the limelight from Netherlands during the 2010 World Cup final.


With the result of the above-mentioned grouping, Netherlands’ top brass, Louis Van Gaal, described their current situation as a “not good draw” for the club. On a closer look, it meant, going back to the disappointing scenario, expect that they will need to confront it early in the tournament.


Other major concern

Spain is not the sole concern of Netherlands. Included in the group is Australia, which according to Gaal, is a club that they have “never beaten” and Chile, which is known for their team depth.


But while it is true that Gaal is frustrated with the results, the club’s head honcho has already plotted preparation plans to survive the first stage of the tournament.


The Oranje prepares

Aware of the tight competition they must surpass, the squad shall have an early training of players who have already completed their obligations in their respective clubs. This will be held at Honderloo and will be immediately followed by at travel to Portugal.


Netherlands consider Portugal as one of the top training spots since its weather is similar to that of Brazil.


The squad is also expected to immerse into several international friendlies. So far, only the friendly against Ecuador is confirmed.


Grouped against Turkey, Hungary, Romania, Estonia and Andorra, Netherlands has dominated their group during the qualifiers and seal their World Cup berth.


Apparently, their entry was not the first. As mentioned, they were runners-up of the last tournament where Spain defeated them. They also placed second during the 1974 and 1978 World Cup tournament. Seeing them qualified and making it to Brazil is not really surprising as they have been one of the top performing squads in the competition.




Image Source: PZC

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